Meet Our Heroes

Tyrus Thumbnail
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A highly intelligent Muun from a wealthy and influential family whose acerbic wit proves as deadly as his ambition. He is a cunning negotiator and has impressive talents in mental influence… After all, look at that forehead!

Tyrus Von Donner


Jensa Thumbnail
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A resourceful survivor and ace pilot who has made her life on the run. Slow to trust, but fast on the throttle.

Jensa Eosha


Viktor Thumbnail
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A seasoned and savvy smuggler who always ‘knows a guy.’ Trained in the arts of stealth and slicing, there are few places he cannot infiltrate.

Viktor Nash

Undercover Operative

Bior Relatorre Thumbnail
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A nomadic Mirialan warrior who has made his career as a guardian to various prominent figures across the galaxy. His natural talents for healing are equally as formidable as his prowess in combat. Don’t mess with his pipe.

Bior Shin

bodyguard for hire

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A mighty Wookie veteran of the Clone Wars, Isshwarr lost his freedom and his mate to the Empire’s enslavement of his world Kashyyyk. He has since escaped servitude of the Empire and works as a gun-for-hire across the Outer Rim. Few things are more fearsome than his rage or his hatred of the Empire.


Wookiee mercenary

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A genius teenager who relates better to machines than people. Kidnapped by pirates and taken far from his homeworld in the Colonies, he tries to find his path and self-identity.  His skill in mechanics is unmatched.

Kip Kollara

Adolescent savant technician

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Designed by Republic Intelligence in its waning days, Leto is part of a very limited run of prototypes designed to accompany Jedi on diplomatic missions.  Decommissioned after the fall of the Republic, he was reactivated by Rebels after the Rise of the Empire, he has no access to his memories.