COTN 20: Out of the Frying Pan…

Our heroes escape the Sembla droid lab with the stolen R.E.M.U.S. technology, attempting to gather themselves after facing their first Dark Force User and nearly dying. Tyrus has a strange vision of an ancient Technomancer making an incredible sacrifice. He is visited by El’Adair, who offers him a unique opportunity and a remarkable new ability. The party rendezvous with Gellyth Hawk and relates their triumph. Gellyth decides on an appropriate new home for the R.E.M.U.S. prototype. Our heroes decide to meet the Rebellion Medical Frigate “Tenacity,” hoping to see if their fallen Master has survived. Their reception is less than friendly and they discover the timing of their arrival couldn’t be more unfortunate.

COTN 19: What the Cat Dragged In…

Our heroes carefully laid ruse crumbles when a lethal new assassin strikes. Threatened with losing the prized technology they sought to capture, the party must use all their wits and skill to stop this malicious Dark-Sided Cathar. Bior meets an inside contact who remembers him from his past, making an unexpected ally in the chaotic escape. As the stakes get higher and the assassin attempts to flee, the heroes learn they have crossed the Crimson Dawn and are marked for death. Oh well… whats more enemy when you’re having fun?

COTN 18: The Arakyd Heist

Our Heroes attempt to infiltrate the top-secret droid research facility owned by the powerful Arakyd Industries. Their entire plot resting on a daring deception, each of them leverages their unique talents toward this end. Bior meets a client from years past, who proves to be helpful. Just when everything seems to be going well, a powerful foe from the Crimson Dawn shows himself and intends to protect his business interests. Tyrus learns the hard way the consequences of attempting to Force-influence a powerful Dark Side force user.

COTN 17: Sirocco

The Heroes prepare for their upcoming mission to infiltrate a top-secret droid research facility to recover stolen tech. Jensa reflects on the lightsaber she recovered from the mysterious Captain Jaggasan, jumping to incorrect conclusions about the murdered Zabrak. An argument boils up to a tense standoff between Jensa and Bior. As the party prepares to embark on their mission, they enlist some extra help from a Wookiee hired gun.

COTN 16: Horrible Moon People

Our heroes have closed a deal with a shady spice chemist to transport illicit goods in exchange for an antidote for Master Nouen. Jensa bristles at the party’s continued association with underworld figures. Having some downtime to consider their next step, they are offered a lucrative mission by a familiar weapons manufacturer to recover a stolen prototype droid. Kip finds he has a new mentor and an opportunity to develop new tech. Viktor is initiated as a friend to the Hellion gang. Tyrus and Viktor try their hand at Sabacc.

COTN 15: Korriban Dreamin’

Our heroes finally have a moment to pause and reflect after their trials on Ruuria Prime. Kip modifies Jensa’s mysterious new lightsaber. Having lost their Master, the party learns to consult his holocron for guidance. Jensa and Bior share a strange vision into the past of a powerful force user that Jensa dealt with rashly. Desperate to find aid for Master Nouen, the party must compromise and make a deal with an underworld figure from their past.

COTN 14: Fallen Master

After winning a stunning starfighter victory in the atmosphere over Ruuria Prime, our heroes return to discover a tragic blow has been dealt. An nemesis lurking in the shadows finally reveals himself and potentially shatters the destiny of our heroes in the process. Picking up the pieces of their plans, all is not lost, as their Fallen Master had left them a new Starship to secure their safe escape. Where will it lead them to next?

COTN 13: Force in Balance

Our heroes continue their daring infiltration of Rodyle’s corporate HQ on the desert moon.  Negotiations turn sour quickly and chaos erupts.  The first of our heroes is lost in combat, but the sacrifice is not in vain.  During the desperate escape, an unexpected arrival creates a tense moment and Jensa decides to shoot fist and ask questions… never.  A prisoner is rescued and becomes our newest party member, the Force bringing balance to the terrible loss of an ally.  With little time for introductions as the facility goes down in flames, the party takes to the skies in starfighters.

COTN 12: Raiding Rodyle

In this episode of our Star Wars live play campaign: the party meets a mysterious new ally who has taken up residence in Starshard Canyon. Powerful in the Force, yet of an advanced society, he attempts to open our Heroes eyes to a deeper reality of the universe. Tyrus gains a new weapon and is deputized. Viktor takes advantage of his newfound rep with the Hellions gang. Together they hatch a plan to infiltrate the headquarters of a powerful and nefarious Corporation in hopes of finding a way off the Moon.

COTN 11: Starshard Canyon

Our heroes return to Duskin’s Cove to sell their booty. Hornaday sets a meet with a charismatic and mysterious weapons dealer who takes a shine to Jensa. The time comes to rendezvous with their new Master in an effort to secure allies and passage off the moon, though an unexpected test of their unity presents itself.