COTN 20: Out of the Frying Pan…

Our heroes escape the Sembla droid lab with the stolen R.E.M.U.S. technology, attempting to gather themselves after facing their first Dark Force User and nearly dying. Tyrus has a strange vision of an ancient Technomancer making an incredible sacrifice. He is visited by El’Adair, who offers him a unique opportunity and a remarkable new ability. The party rendezvous with Gellyth Hawk and relates their triumph. Gellyth decides on an appropriate new home for the R.E.M.U.S. prototype. Our heroes decide to meet the Rebellion Medical Frigate “Tenacity,” hoping to see if their fallen Master has survived. Their reception is less than friendly and they discover the timing of their arrival couldn’t be more unfortunate.

1 comment on “COTN 20: Out of the Frying Pan…

  1. betty edelman says:

    It just gets better and better!

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