COTN 21: The Battle of Spinax Pt. I

Our Heroes have chosen a dire time to come to the Rebel Fleet. The Imperial Star Destroyer “Intrepid Will” has just chased the Rebels to the Spinax system. Moff Alkin’s form appears over the Holo-Vid and announces his intention to capture or destroy all aboard the Rebel Fleet using any means necessary. Unable to escape due to a damaged hyperdrive, the Rebel Medical Frigate ‘Tenacity,’ where their Jedi Master is in critical care, is a sitting duck. Faced with the decision of either fleeing to save their skins or making a stand to defend their comatose Jedi Master and the Rebels, a crisis of ethics ensues. Will our Force-Sensitive heroes continue to flee and seek anonymity in these dark times or will they make a stand against the Empire and risk discovery?

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