COTN 24: Rebel Yell

Our Force-Sensitive heroes seize the initiative to retake the bridge of the Rebellion Medical Frigate from an Imperial boarding party while Kip repairs the hyperdrive. Time appears to be running out for the crippled Rebel Frigate as the Star Destroyer “Intrepid Will” closes in with its gunnery batteries blazing. The appearance of a fearsome Dark Trooper threatens our heroes plans. Seeing the mighty wookiee Isshwarr laid low by a missile to the face causes one of our heroes to channel their Dark Side rage into a surprisingly lethal display of power. The harrowing challenge hardens their conviction, transforming our heroes from a ragtag band of force-sensitive fugitives into a cohesive team willing to stand and fight to protect others. They rebel… but will that make them Rebels?

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  1. BETTY EDELMAN says:

    Very exciting and a good listen!

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