COTN 25: The Padawan

The Heroes of the Battle of Spinax finally have some downtime after narrowly escaping the clutches of the Empire. Jedi Master Nouen is awoken from his coma, saved by the intervention of the party. Master Nouen makes the decision to take a new Padawan to keep the fallen Jedi tradition alive. Bior gets a lead on his mysterious new lightsaber, which will take the party to Nar Shadaa to rub elbows with Hutt Cartels and a Black Sun crime boss. Our heroes intend to enter the Great Hunt, a Galaxy-wide bounty hunting event, hoping it will lead them to clues on what their nemesis Krayt is up to. The Rebellion Colonel recognizes our heroes with a medal of honor, but one member of the party is not too pleased to be thrust into the spotlight.

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