COTN 27: Couchatta

Our heroes’ adventure on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shadaa continues as they attempt to unravel who kidnapped their companion Viktor. Visions from the Force suggest he may be in the hands of a powerful Hutt Kajidic. The party’s droid, L3T0, separates from his teammates to respond to a powerful internal homing protocol which suddenly triggered upon their arrival on the moon, taking him deep into Red Light District. It leads him to the first clues about his forgotten past. With the Great Hunt beginning the following day and our heroes needing a cash stake to enter, desperation leads to Tyrus having to reconnect with his estranged sister. The party follows this lead to the opulent Del Kyno Grande Casino in the skies over Nar Shadaa. Nothing is ever easy, though, as Tyrus’ sister proves to be as complicated and cunning as one would expect from a member of the VonDonner dynasty.

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