COTN 10: Givin’ ’em Hellion

Our heroes once again find themselves at the wrong end of a Shrouded Bane ambush, this time playing hot potato with a thermal detonator. Jensa is confident the fallen soldiers they are intervening to save is the Rebel team she saw in her Force Vision. Unexpected arrivals mid-battle make the situation far more complicated, but Viktor thinks quick on his feet and new allies are made. A disturbing revelation, however, suggests greater powers are in motion and time might be running out on this quiet little desert moon.

COTN 9: Fireside Chat

After a harrowing battle, the party has their questions answered by a mysterious Jedi Master. This new Master, a pacifist nonconformist estranged from the now extinct Council, elucidates his role in a daring Rebel plot to evacuate Order 66 survivors… and how it went horribly wrong. Now realizing the scope of what they are caught up in, the Heroes must reflect on what their role is in the harsh reality of the Galaxy under Imperial Rule. Do they continue to keep their head down and repress their mysterious connection to the Force, or do they risk themselves pursuing an exciting and dangerous new Destiny?

COTN 8 : Paying Respects

As our heroes delve deep into the wreck of the Adhara Gray, the fate of the Jedi refugees is finally revealed… or at least, most of them.  Caught off-guard by a dangerous individual they met the day before, escaping the wreck might prove far harder than it was to enter.  When things look desperate, an unlikely ally emerges to even the odds.

COTN 7: Last Minute Shopping

Confused on what to buy your loved ones for the holidays? Join our heroes as they treasure hunt through the wreckage of the Adhara Gray. Pillaging the Promenade of the once-grand luxury star-liner, they hope to turn their poverty into prosperity. All bets are off in the casino, however, as an encounter with a fellow scavenger turns fur-ocious. In the deepest recesses of the ruined vessel, clues lead Jensa to what she foresaw in her Force-enhanced visions. The trail leads them closer to the fate of the Jedi refugees.

COTN 6: The Climber

Now resolved to find and explore the wreckage of the Adhara Gray before it is picked clean by scavengers, the party leaves Duskin’s Cove to brave the wilds of the desert once again.  With precious little information to go on except a map, they bravely attempt to ‘thread’ Thaye’s Needles.  Jensa has a bad feeling as the party is forced to answer the age old philosophical thought experiment: If a scaling scavenger falls in the desert, does it make a sound?  Ask Viktor!  With the Adhara Gray’s remains lying tantalizingly before them, an unwelcome surprise awaits…

COTN 5: Is There a Doctor in the House?!

The beleaguered party has finally made their way to the remote pirate outpost of Duskin’s Cove, which is fashioned from the broken hulls of a starship graveyard.  Tyrus recovers from his mind trip in the local medical clinic and the party is introduced to an unusual medical droid.  After having time for some rest, resupply, and relaxation, the party gets some vital clues that lead them closer to unlocking the mystery of what became of the Adhara Gray.  New factions make their presence known and the party has to begin to decide who they really trust.

COTN 4: Long Live the Queen

Barely moments after saving Hornaday’s partner from the mandibles of vicious giant insects, Tyrus falls prey to the power of an ancient Hive Matriarch.  The party must face their toughest opponent yet, but an expected discovery changes the odds.  They might just live to see Duskin’s Cove after all…

COTN 3: Any Hive in a Storm

The party grows more desperate as supplies dwindle and they push forward across the desert in hopes of finding the settlement of Duskin’s Cove.  With a vicious sandstorm whipping up on their heels, they seek shelter in a bizarre rock formation.  They seem to find more than they are bargaining for…

COTN 2: Desert Rose

Now crash-landed on a desert moon deep in the Outer Rim, the party is forced to figure out how to survive in an unwelcoming environment.  Not sure whether to trust each other or the two other strangers with them, they make their way towards a rumored pirate outpost.

COTN 1: Coming In Hot!

Our Heroes begin their adventure on a passenger freighter bound for the Ruuria system, each seeking to investigate the strange nebula created from an accident they have seen in their dreams.  Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride…