COTN 2: Desert Rose

Now crash-landed on a desert moon deep in the Outer Rim, the party is forced to figure out how to survive in an unwelcoming environment.  Not sure whether to trust each other or the two other strangers with them, they make their way towards a rumored pirate outpost.

COTN 1: Coming In Hot!

Our Heroes begin their adventure on a passenger freighter bound for the Ruuria system, each seeking to investigate the strange nebula created from an accident they have seen in their dreams.  Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride…

COTN: Campaign Introduction

Welcome to ‘A Candle or the Night: A Star Wars Force & Destiny Adventure!’ In this introductory episode we discuss the setting of the campaign in the Star Wars timeline, the course of events that leads to where our Heroes begin, and a brief character introduction to each of our players.